FedEx, UPS, and USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines For 2021

The holiday shipping rush is fast approaching, and with that comes stress. It’s a mad dash to get all the orders out by December 23rd if you want them delivered in time for Christmas! But what about just trying send one package on Black Friday? That deadline could come at any moment now too; it’s not going away anytime soon so don’t forget about those plans or gifts when planning ahead this year.

Here are your deadlines for USPS, UPS, and FedEx:


ServiceShipping Cutoff Date
Retail Ground™Wednesday, December 15th, 2021
First Class Mail®Saturday, December 19th, 2021
Priority Mail®Monday, December 20th, 2021
Priority Mail Express®Thursday, December 23rd, 2021


ServiceShipping Cutoff Date
FedEx SmartPost®Thursday, December 9th, 2021 (with exceptions)
FedEx Ground®Wednesday, December 15th, 2021
Home Delivery®Wednesday, December 15th, 2021
Express Saver®Tuesday, December 21st, 2021
2Day® ServicesWednesday, December 22nd, 2021
Overnight® ServicesThursday, December 23rd, 2021


ServiceShipping Cutoff Date
Ground®Wednesday, December 15th, 2021
3 Day Select®Tuesday, December 21st, 2021
2nd Day Air® ServicesWednesday, December 22nd, 2021
Thursday, December 23rd, 2021
Courier Services


Courier services are responsible for ensuring that your packages arrive on time, even in life and death situations. A delay or mis-delivery can create severe consequences such as a missed delivery. That’s why you must be able to trust the courier service with complete accuracy when it comes to same day deliveries.

What might go wrong when pharmacies deliver essential medication to long term care facilities, hospitals and individual patients? Pharmacies can’t afford delays or mistakes with human life on the line. Deliveries to home-bound patients frequently need to coordinate with scheduled visits by a nurse. If the courier service is late or gets things wrong – nurses won’t be able do their jobs and these people will suffer consequences that could have been avoided.

When tested for environmental contaminants, samples taken from the field and sent to the lab deteriorate fairly quickly. This is a concern in particular when it comes to municipal water tests because there could be significant delays that result in degraded samples which can cause inaccurate results potentially exposing people nearby to toxins or parasites.

Sometimes, the stakes are so high that you risk your business’ entire existence. Imagine spending weeks putting together a proposal for an important project which could sustain your company for months if not years and then missing the deadline to submit it. Bids have final cut-off times but there is no guarantee of when yours will be accepted since others can still send in their proposals after you do — rendering all of those hours spent on compiling data useless because now someone else has won over this big opportunity from under your nose. No matter how much time or effort goes into creating something, it may simply just amount to nothing at some point down the line; everything needs reevaluation as circumstances change with each passing moment

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World faces shortage of merchant sailors to crew ships: Study

A previously unknown group of people called “merchant sailors” will be a shortage in the next five years, which could lead to an increase risk for global supply chains.

The shipping industry has been struggling with a lack of crew members due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this problem is only going to get worse as more people are unemployed.

The research found that there will be an estimated shortage by 2020 for almost every type of position on ships in international cargo and passenger trade, at all levels from deckhands up through captains. The study was conducted by BIMCO (the Baltic & International Maritime Council) and ICS (International Chamber of Shipping), two associations representing shipowners worldwide.

Severe outbreaks of the coronavirus in Asia have left merchant captains unable to rotate weary crews. As many as 100,000 sailors are stranded at sea and temporarily out of work due to crippling lockdowns across land borders. This is a flashback for those who remember 2020 when over 200,000 seafarers were stuck on ships during shortages caused by strict border security measures imposed around numerous nations

The Seafarer Workforce Report, published in 2015 predicts that by 2026 an additional 89,510 officers would be needed based on projections for growth. This is a sign of the growing demand and need to fill this gap with certified seafarers before it becomes too late.

“The world is an extremely dangerous place and the only thing protecting us from utter chaos are our government safety nets. We can’t let those go.” Guy Platten

The global demand for seafarers is increasing, but the supply of them will soon run dry. With more focus on recruiting and retaining these professionals, we can keep up with this skyrocketing demand.

“The WHO estimates that there are over 3 million seafarers around the world, and according to industry surveys only 20% of those have been vaccinated against COVID-19. We must make it a priority for governments to prioritize ‘essential transport work’ employees with vaccinations,” said Platten in his interview on CNN last night.”


Improve Customer Service with Better Ecommerce Shipping

Shipping plays a big role in shaping the online customer experience, and recent statistics show just how important it is. In 2017, more than 50% of U.S traders abandoned their carts due to expensive shipping – with 44% not purchasing because there was no free delivery available; 26% left items behind when slow shipping caused delays.

In the Total Retail study, Amazon was named as being the driving force behind customer expectations when it comes to shipping. 90% of participants said they expect free two-day delivery with every purchase and any order over $25 should come completely for free. It’s a bar that has been set by one of America’s most successful retailers; what can you do?

In order to stay competitive with online giants, it’s important that your shipping strategy is top notch. Here are some tips for a successful ecommerce shipping process: 

-Offering free delivery on orders over $50 

-Doing customers a favor by offering same day or next day deliveries when possible and charging only an extra fee of around $5-$6 (compare this to the costs associated with Amazon Prime) 

Oftentimes we have no idea how much time goes into making sure those packages get delivered right at our doorstep without any problems whatsoever! So in essence not having good customer service from both ends can really make things worse than they already were. Improve these aspects before you know it will start paying off. 

Three ways to improve customer service with shipping


Customers want to know when their package will arrive. Provide an estimated delivery date during the checkout process, not after. A shopper who completes a purchase only to find out they won’t receive it for two weeks may be turned off from your company and never shop with you again- even if shipping times are longer than what is preferred by some customers. It’s best that buyers hear this information upfront rather than finding themselves disappointed later on down the line, because of how much trust and credibility they’ll have lost in doing so!

Customers love knowing when their packages will get there before completing purchases as well–it helps them plan ahead more efficiently instead of just waiting around until something finally arrives at their doorsteps days or sometimes weeks after ordering!


The satisfaction of free shipping is an experience that many customers enjoy. It’s no surprise then, that shoppers are willing to add items to their cart in order to earn premium-free shipments and avoid fees for the same service! The earned free shipping can help increase sales enough offset what you spend on waiving your own fee or offering it as a reward all together.

The Holy Grail of the consumer market is an elusive concept. Free shipping isn’t for everyone, though. Sometimes customers need their items immediately and are willing to pay more in order to get them faster than free delivery might allow.

One way to keep customers happy is by providing them with options that balance cost and delivery time. Take the time to explore what major shippers, such as UPS or USPS can offer you. Consider partnering up with a local delivery service like FedEx trucking company for more affordable rates on your products or use physical stores as distribution centers so customers have an ecommerce shipping option they prefer- whatever it may be!


With so many businesses going online, it’s important to implement the best practices for ecommerce fulfillment. Reducing time between order placement and shipment offers a better customer service experience because customers don’t have to wait too long before their products are delivered. Following these three steps can help you ship orders faster:

A) Keep Warehouses Organized – Make sure that items with similar SKUs are stored together or near one another in your warehouse space. This will make packing orders easier by reducing the amount of searching needed when looking for an item on receipt of purchase request from a customer 

B) Use Packing Supplies Wisely- Packaging materials should be customized as much as possible based on what is being shipped (e.g., cardboard boxes

Make sure your inventory is up to date so that orders are not placed for items out of stock. Avoid errors and save time by having order transferred to ERP system, which will streamline the process for you. Automatically create shipping labels in a fast way

Integration powers ecommerce shipping efficiencies

It’s safe to say that nobody likes the act of waiting. Whether it is for an appointment, a package delivery, or even food at a restaurant – we all want things now! But when you put in time and effort into shipping your items properly – whether they are clothing pieces from eBay sales or Christmas gifts from Amazon wish lists- using these tips will help ensure successful deliveries with minimal hassle.

Whether trying one tip to prep your shipments better than another makes sense depends on what type of shipper you are (or aspire to be!) For those who ship larger packages often but do not have access to their own vehicle; checking out the Uline Shipping Store might make more sense than opting for Mailboxes Etc.’s free pick up service

Ecommerce shipping software and ERP systems are the backbone of any online business. They work in tandem to automate components like order details, payment information, tracking updates, delivery confirmation- all while saving you time!

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USPS Vs UPS – Which is better, UPS or USPS?

When selecting a courier, it can be hard to know who is the best option. When you need help making your decision about which carrier will provide reliable and safe service for shipping packages domestically or internationally, we’ve compiled this quick guide that will show you what UPS has to offer as well as some of USPS’ features.

For many businesses looking at domestic shipment options in-country or across borders into Canada using ground services only (no air freight), here are two major carriers with different prices and customer bases: United Parcel Service vs. The U.S Postal Service – both have their strengths when considering any given situation so make sure before choosing one over the other that they meet all needs like package size restrictions etc., such as calculating

What’s the difference between UPS and USPS?

UPS and USPS are two of the most innovative package delivery services in the world. From your local retailer to a remote village, they provide you with options for shipping packages without any hassle or holdups along the way.

Both UPS and USPS have their own niche within parcel handling that make them unique from one another: while UPS offers international deliveries on top of domestic ones, as well as cargo freight transport service; meanwhile USPS is an innovator when it comes to time sensitive express shipments across national borders; so what really sets these companies apart? It’s simple – just go where there isn’t anyone else!

The USPS is a helping hand for all of our international and domestic deliveries. You can mail packages, letters, or even just send out greeting cards with ease!

The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides postal services in the US that include both domestic and international delivery on small to large parcels including packages, letter sending/posting as well as card cross-sending through their system.

UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company, and it has revolutionized that industry. In just a few years in operation, they have gone from being an American-only express carrier to one of the most global shippers on earth – delivering packages everywhere you can imagine!

UPS was founded by James E. Casey because he wanted his Western Union trucking business to expand its services beyond telegraphs or horse riders with mailbags up into package deliveries as well. The first UPS trucks hit rural United States roads in 1907; today there are more than 500 major international airports located near these local routes for easy access all around the globe!

Which is better, UPS or USPS?

Sometimes, when it comes to sending packages through the post office or using a courier service like UPS, you don’t know exactly what’s going to be cheaper. But this article will help break down the costs for both and allow you to make an informed decision on which way would work best for your needs!

Sometimes people get caught up in wondering if USPS is more expensive than UPS. This can depend largely on how big your package is and where it’s being shipped off too. For example: typically shipping large items with UPS tends to  cost less while small shipments from USPS are usually much cheaper overall; but there may also be some cases were international destinations switching the tables around so that maybe one company might end up costing more depending on weight

USPS Parcel Select has a slightly cheaper price for ground shipping in the US, but you’ll have to wait longer. If your parcel is less than 66lbs then USPS will be more efficient and cost-effective as long as it’s no heavier than 70lbs. For parcels that are over 75lb or if time isn’t an issue UPS Ground might even be faster!

USPS Vs UPS International Shipping

Is UPS or USPS affordable for international shipping?

If you’re looking for an affordable option to ship your parcel internationally, GoSmartship  offers UPS Worldwide Expedited at affordable rates than USPS Priority or the much more expensive and infrequent Express Mail.

Summary: When it comes to shipping overseas parcels, Gosmartship has competitive prices with significantly discounted rates on UPS Worldwide Expedited when compared to costly USPS options like Priority or Priority Mail Express.